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Toronto’s very own Xavier Tu stands out as a pioneering figure in the world of dance. With a remarkable blend of choreography, dance, and direction for both film and live shows, his magnetic touch has captivated audiences from all corners of the globe.

Hailing from St. Catharines, Ontario, his initial brush with dance was no accident. It’s in his DNA. Growing up in a household where the rhythms of dance and the harmonies of music were omnipresent, his passion was kindled early on. It was during the debut season of “America’s Best Dance Crew” that his flame for dance truly ignited, seeing AAPI talents onscreen. Harnessing the power of the internet, he dived into YouTube dance tutorials, teaching himself the art. His dedication led him to integrate dance deeply into his academic life. After a brief stint in a traditional job, he made the bold decision to embrace dance as not just his passion but his full-time calling.

Throughout his career, Xavier’s footprints are evident in high-profile productions like Disney’s “Zombies” and Netflix’s “Work It”. His dynamic movements graced the FIFA World Cup 2023, and he’s also showcased his talent during NBA and CFL games, particularly with the Toronto Raptors and Argos. Beyond live performances, his creative flair has augmented promotional campaigns for brands like Sportchek and Wal-Mart.

Expanding his horizons, he ventured into music videos, bringing an extra layer of narrative depth to tracks by artists such as Jon Vinyl and Crown Lands.

His artistic choreography has embellished music videos of artists like TOBi, Jon Vinyl, and Crown Lands, adding unparalleled depth to their storytelling. Not stopping there, his craft is evident in commercial campaigns, notably with Adidas FORUM, Nobis x Serge Ibaka, and Chips Ahoy.

Besides his film, TV, and campaign successes, Xavier has been a formidable force in live competitions. With performances that resonate at global competitions, he’s notched accolades like the 3x National Champion title at HHI Canada and the prestigious ‘Best Hip Hop Performance’ honour at The Dance Awards, Vegas 2022.

Xavier Tu


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